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My head is swimming from all I've read here. Let me give my history/background for some insight.

I was dx'd with Hashimoto's in 2004 and have been on levothyroxine since then. I usually get tested every 6 mos and my dosage has been increased over time because my TSH/FT4 keeps changing as my thyroid is being destroyed. For the most part, my hypothyroid has been controlled with the med. I'm still having issues with my weight once I hit 40 almost 2 years ago. My periods are extremely heavy (think an overnight pad and an ultra tampon less than every 2 hours on days 2-3 most cycles) and even with good thyroid levels they remain heavy. Until recently, we were still trying to have another baby so ablation wasn't something we were willing to consider. Speaking of having a baby, I was dx'd with unexplained recurrent pg loss after having numerous early losses. The typical IF hormone work up has shown nothing except an FSH of 12 once and my last HSG showed no abnormalities. I take a daily prenatal multivitamin (for folic acid + iron) + 4000 mcg folic acid + 1 mg B12 + 100 mg B6 (for being homozygous MTHFR--interferes with folic acid metabolism) + 1000 iu vitamin D + calcium (can't remember the dosage right now). I eat plenty of proteins (dried beans, nuts, cheeses) & heme iron (love liver, red meat) & avoid drinking much tea.

Here's my concern . . .I teach and the school is having a blood drive. The kids know that I'm O- and sought me out to donate since O- is in short supply. My hemoglobin was 7.6 and 7.2 g/dL. Granted, I just finished my period but it's never been that low. In the last month or so my hair has been falling out in huge amounts & I've been fatigued--got to me thinking that I need to have my thyroid checked. However with hemoglobin that low, I'm looking at other possibilities. I've called my FNP (does my primary care) and have an appointment for Tuesday. She'll pretty much listen to me and test what I ask for as long as it's medically indicated. I know I want to have these done:

Anti-TG antibodies
Anti-TPO antibodies
Ferritin (never been done before)

What else do I ask for? I'm really freaked over a hemoglobin that low. I started a gluten free diet last week because some research has shown a link to gluten intolerance and autoimmune thyroiditis & also anemia. I don't have symptoms of Celiac disease but definitely have been less gassy since cutting out the gluten.



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