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Beth--Welcome to the Anemia Board! :wave:

Sorry that you are having such a difficult time with things. According to your labs you are no longer considered anemic, so you have made some really positive progress in that department.

You didn't mention your ferritin (iron stores,) so I presume that you have also had this test in the past. Anemia is the end stage of ferritin stores, and if you were anemic, then you most likely also had a very low ferritin count as well. Ferritin can be responsible for anxiety, depression, fatigue and hair loss to mention a few. Many doctors' say that there are no symptoms with a low ferritin, but the jury is out on this one it's about 50/50 :dizzy:. If you have always had issues with anxiety in the past, then I would say that it is probably a separate issue from anemia/ferritin for you, but at the same time know that some of these symptoms may be brought on by or amplified by low a ferritin/anemia.

Whenever there is anemia present one should always have B-12 and folate levels checked. When there is *concomitant* iron deficiency anemia it can skew the results (MCV) appearing to be a normal value. Consequently, B12 levels should always be checked in anemic patients, whether MCV is normal or not. If you have not had this test, you may want to ask for it just to rule out such a deficiency. Many times this can go undetected if not checked.

Hang in will feel a bit better as your numbers rise but it does take a long time so try to be patient. Take care and do keep us posted. FLFG
I also have had my bouts of Anemia, low ferritin, low D, low B12 over the past few years due to losing a lot of blood every month from my period. I had surgery and my fibroids removed, and my iron levels are better, but still low in B12 and I feel exhausted all the time, dizzy, and just achy all over. I just started B12 shots and I am wondering when that rises will I feel better. Could you have pernicious anemia and your blood work all be normal? Some days I wake up in the morning and I feel horrible, exhausted, and it almost feels like I have the flu.
Unfortunately, I have to get up for a job and some mornings it is very hard. Any suggestions!!! Is there anything I am missing having checked. Just had a full blood work up and everything seemed to be well except, low b12 and slightly low white blood count.
Ashleymichele23--Glad to hear that your iron levels are better. A low B-12 can indeed make you feel just as bad as a low iron/ferritin. It takes time to correct this and when your numbers come up again, you should be feeling better, if this is the problem. It just takes time. It's nothing that happens over night. Take care. FLFG:)
thank you for your response. I finally had a myoectomy in april and they removed 12 fibroids. That was the culprit of all the bleeding and low iron levels, low ferritin etc.... Now i am still vitamin deficient so i am assuming with very low b12 that is why i feel so exhausted all the time. It is just horrible feeling so exhausted, dizzy and just bad all the time. It feels like you have a constant flu and you just cannot recover. I wonder how long it takes for b12 to rise. I had my first shot a month ago and i am getting 2 more and then she said i will then take supplements.

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