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Total Iron 51 (40-175)
Transferritin Sat 14% (15-50)
TIBC 367 (250-450)
Ferritin 7 (10-154)

5/1/09 (I havent got the Ferritin yet, should come back this week) I just got the Ferritin result & edited it in below!

Total Iron 141 (40-175)
Ferritin 15 (10-154)
Transferritin Sat 42 (15-50)
TIBC 336 (250-450)

Rachel--They only thing that I can say is that the Serum iron value is taken from what is available in the bloodstream at the time of testing. If you just took your supplement it would greatly skew results, just as it would if you ate a steak. This is why the ferritin is more telling. The serum iron is then divide by the TIBC to get the T-Sat % which are all taken from the serum iron. This is meant to be a fasting test for accuracy. However, your numbers are going up, and I think that it's because of the particular type of iron that you are taking, I really think a different type would not have the same results for what it is worth. But if you were on the same iron and amount for each test then you can compare a little more. In that case I would say that the iron is building in your bloodstream and you should see some results happening soon regarding your ferritin. When is the next iron panel scheduled for? Take care. FLFG

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