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New here & trying to figure out if I really want to have this infusion this week!? The more I read the less I want it, although I'd really like to feel better!
My Dr. plans to administer 200mg of Venofer in one dose that he said should only take 30 minutes. Is this too fast? Has everyone felt bad upon infusion? I was nonchalant about this until I started reading tonight!
Another question. I take oral iron (Hemax) daily - should I be taking this at the same time as the iv infusion? Seems I saw somewhere that oral iron & iv iron administration was contraindicated.
Your help & experiences will be greatly appreciated!
Beth--Welcome to the boards! :wave:

If you are feeling uneasy about IV iron infusion you can always discuss this with your Hematologist ahead of time by calling, I did when I was going to have this procedure. My Hematologist actually gave me stats on his patient history with IV iron and types used by his practice.

According to what I have been told you are not able to have IV iron and oral iron at the same time. You are correct. Take care Beth and let us know how you get along. FLFG ;)
Thanks - I have a call in to the Hem's office & hope to get my answers this morning! I'm really hoping the infusion will make me feel like Superwoman! :-)
Ok, go figure - got my labs today & my Hgb is 13.3/ Hct 38.6!! These were 9.3 and 32ish in Feb and I've not been taking the oral meds very regularly. Hmmm... strange but good. I may hold off on the Venofer although my Ferritin IS only 5 & should be 10-291.
Ugh, decisions, decisions.
Not bad at all..........Do you know why your were anemic in the first place? I don't think that you are needing the Venofer right now either, not as long as you are able to tolerate oral supplements and will be eventually filling your iron stores. Good for you! FLFG :)
Yeah, well there's the 64 million dollar question. Why am I anemic? I first discovered I was anemic in Feb. of 2007 in the ER after a ruptured ovarian cyst - the rupture had nothing to do with the low hgb/hct (hgb was 8.3), it was a fortuititous find. No ideas why, did all the GI work up, even capsule endo and nothing. Have battled this with Hemax (iron supplement) for the two years but can't build the iron stores so... My new Hematologist thinks I probably have an AVM. Lovely.
I think I will probably go ahead and have the Venofer infusion anyway, to get it over with & maybe off my plate for a while, ya' know?
Thanks for your help-
Not something we want to hear, is it? Are you saying then that you have had a ferritin of 5 for 2 yrs on oral iron supplements? I have heard about AVM's and anemia here in the past. From what I understand, that can be just about anywhere in the body, organ wise that is. Is your doctor planning on doing an MRA or any further testing to explore this idea? In this case, I too think that I would opt for the IV Venofer to fill the stores. You deserve to feel better. You really would feel like "Superwoman" then and you probably really do need that help too. Most people have really good results with this. Take care and keep us posted. FLFG :)
I don't want to tax my poor brain too much so I'm just going to ask.....What is an AVM?

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