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Hi ladies--:wave: My Hematologist told me (and I have heard this here from others) the more the blood loss, the more you will bleed. He said that you wouldn't think it would be that way, but it is.

When I was at a 2 ferritin with a 8.5 Hgb I had a terrible amount of blood loss and always have, I had 7 polyps removed and ablation. Through the use of oral iron I was able to hold it at bay. My Hgb was dropping for a long time (not bad though) until I had my ablation then it began to climb and has continued. In my case most of the time I was not able to take the amount of iron needed to raise levels and that too would make a difference along with how well you absorb.

Something that I did that may help you. I was preparing for surgery so I doubled up on my iron which is within normal amounts that is prescribed. I had a pre-op CBC and had my period, then, at the time of my surgery 4 days later and barely off my period I had another CBC. My levels were actually going up a smudge, however, they didn't drop. I was totally amazed at that. The trick is; if there ever was one, is to take in more iron than is lost, it's that simple. If you are able to do that you are good to go! You can ask your doc for a CBC before and directly after your period to see how much your are dropping. It will answer your question.

It took me a long time to feel better. My Hgb had to get to 14 before I really felt better. Everyone is different. Some people have more going on than others. The blood cells also have to go back to normal range not just the Hgb. This too takes time. Try not to stress about your period, just eat well and take your iron and it will be over before you know it. If you eat meat I would recommend eating a juicy steak about now :). FLFG ;)

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