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[COLOR="Blue"]Hello Mac2--:wave:

I can give you a pointer, but cannot answer your question entirely because here in the US our iron reads a little different from yours.

look for the elemental iron content, not the Total iron content. For instance, an iron supplement containing 200mg of ferrous sulfate gives 40 mg or 65mgs of elemental iron, funny I have read both?????:confused:. Therefore, this iron supplement in this example gives 40mg/65mgs of iron in each dose. So your daughter was prescribed whatever the elemental iron is in her 200 FS 2X daily.

Our Ferris Sulfate reads 325 mgs Total at 65 mgs of elemental iron each dose. This is the best that I can do for you. Can you read the bottle and see what it says on the FF to equal the FS. However, In this case because she is 12 and so young I would call her doctor's office to see what they say about it and your local chemist. Not all iron compounds are equal, although, I do think in this case they are. Better safe than sorry. You don't want your little darling to rust! :D FLFG;)


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