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I have never heard of taking Armour sublingually. I just have to ask what it tastes like?!? With the smell like it is, I would hate to taste it![/quote]

You know, it smells a LOT worse than it tastes -- the Armour has some sort of sugary sweet-tasting coating on it, actually.

[quote]Flowergirl mentioned the heart palpitations and racing heart and I do have those things. So I guess it wouldn't be an option for me?[/quote]

I have only heard of those as symptoms of too much thyroid med, pushing you up into hyper instead of hypo -- I have never heard of those being symptoms of taking sublingually per se, so I'd check with your doc on those issues.

Re feeling good right away: I had been falling asleep EVERY SINGLE EVENING after dinner. After my last Armour dosage bump, that stopped IMMEDIATELY -- I mean literally the very same eve. This makes sense, because it is my understanding that tho the T4 and other elements in Armour may take several weeks to build up in your system, the T3 -- which provides the energy boost -- actually works immediately and has a half-life of 3-5 hours. That's why I too split my dosage (sublingually) -- so that I'll have energy thruout the day, and not just in the A.M.

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