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Thanks for your responses. It may not be the iron/B 12 per may be a reaction or interference with the thyroid and iron. Also I've been on BHRT estrogen & progesterone for years and was doing well but I wonder if the addition of the iron supp is somehow causing a problem?

I take my thyroid and Estr in the AM and Iron, Estr and progesterone in the PM. The progest I only take two weeks out of every month. I wonder if the iron is effecting my BHRT ? I've noticed a lot of bloating, especially in my lower abdomen. No constipation but my tummy is huge and my fingers and feet are swollen.

Like I said, I'm going to stop the iron for a few weeks to see if I notice a difference.
juner50 - if you have been on the BHRT for years, does anybody recheck you to see whether you are on the correct amount for your present hormone levels? Things can change over the years and they ought to be monitoring you.

I've been on various iron supplements for over 3 years now, i have Hashimoto's and excess estrogen. I've never had bloating from iron. The only thing some brands of iron gave me were either constipation or IBS, but not the one i'm on now, it's good. How long have you been using the iron supplement?

The type of bloating you describe sounds like major water retention and that would be hormonal. The only other thing would be being allergic to a certain ingredient in any of the things you are taking. Iron supplements don't cause water retention though and a healthy ferritin level is very good for the thyroid. Long term low ferritin will make a thyroid condition worse.

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