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Test Results
May 8, 2009
I posted last week about my situation ( I didn't write down the reference levels but most are pretty obvious that they aren't in range:

iron binding=15 (no clue on this test)
vit. D=still waiting on

Thyroid tests:
TPOab=941 (supposed to be <40)--is up by 1/3 from last test
TGab=66 (think it's supposed to be <30)--is actually down from last test

Not sure why FT3/FT4, folate and B12 weren't run because I know I asked for them.

Obviously I'm anemic and am now taking Hematogen 2x's a day and of course insurance doesn't cover it. Now to manage when to take all the pills I have to (Hematogen, levo., folic acid, B12, B6, vit. D, calcium, vit. E, selenium). I already feel like all I do is space pills/eating because I can't take thyroid meds within 4 hours of taking Hematogen so I take the levo at 6 a.m. 1st Hematogen is around 10 a.m. then lunch. 2nd Hematogen around 4 p.m. and then the rest after 8 p.m. Anyone have any suggestions on a way to spread out all the folic acid, B6, B12, vit D & E & selenium? I'm sure the vit D & E will have to stay where it is but the folic acid/B6/B12 should be okay with the Hematogen since it has folic acid and B12 in it right? The phamacist was NO help. Even though I filled my levo. and hematogen at the same time she mentioned NOTHING about the spacing/interaction. She also was suprised when I asked about vit D/dairy, tea/coffee interaction with the Hematogen.

Also any advice on how to not get constipated? I follow a gluten-free diet due to my thyroid issue so whole grains are out. Am I resigned to pears or prunes every day? Will popcorn help? I don't relish taking another supplement for fiber.

TIA for any help. Sorry to whine. I'm just tired of feeling like crap and now the thought of juggling all this with my schedule just makes me feel :dizzy:. I know, put on the big girl panties and get to it.

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