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So I met with my hematologist today for the first time. She took about 5 vials of blood, but only the CBC came back right away.

My last CBC was October 2008.

Today: 4.41 (3.8-5.1)
October: 4.44

Today: 12.5 (11.4-15.5)
October 12.4

Today: 36.7 (35-45)
October 37.6

Today: 83.1 (80-100)
October: 84.7

Today: 28.3 (27-33)
October: 27.9

Today: 12.5 (11-15)
October: 15.7

Overall it seems pretty good. It will be about a week before I get the iron studies back. I know my total iron is down. It was 36 (40-175) in October and in April it was 33. I assume my ferritin will be down as well. My last one was 10 (10-154) in June, while the one before it was only 5. I would imagine that it has dropped since June but may not be quite at 5 again yet.

We discussed the IV iron. If my iron studies don't come back well I think I am going to opt for the Infed over the Venofer. I cannot be in the office once a week for 6 weeks, as it won't work with my work schedule. I am willing to take the risk and only have to spend one day getting the infusion. Obviously the staff is well trained with giving the medication, and I am comfortable with them. The doctor told me 4 to 6 hours for the Infed. If I decide to definitely do it, I am going to see if they do pre meds to decrease the likelihood of a reaction. Overall, I was very happy with how the appointment went.

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