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I am new to the boards and am hoping to get some feedback from you all. I have a 2 year history of "low iron" that I have been told to take iron pills. I am always beyond tired.

Well last month, I went to Gp with a complaint of severe constipation and the feeling that my GI tract had just stopped working. It took laxatives daily for 8 days, no response from glycerin suppositories and 2 enemas to have a movement. The GP referred me to GI who I will see later this week. She also ordered bloodwork and here is what came back:

Everything under Basic Metabolic Panel within normal limits
RBC, Auto 4.11 L (4.2-5.4)
HGB 10.2 L (12-16)
Hemocrit 30.4 L (37-47)
MCV 73.8 L (81-99)
MCH 24.9 L (27-31)
RDW, Blood 15.6 H (11.5-14.5)
Ferritin 2.3 L (11-306.8)

I was instructed to start back on the iron pills but of course I am dealing with severe constipation.

Other problems I have are the feeling that my heart is constantly pounding in my chest. Earlier this year, I was diagnosed with a heart beat irregularity that the cardiologist attributed to me being dehydrated and I was told to increase my water intake. For me any sort of physical exertion results in my heart racing and my feeling lightheaded.

Does anyone have any suggestions for other tests that I should ask for or tips on how to boost my iron levels?

Thanks in advance

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