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HPE mom--Welcome to the boards! :wave:

When you have a change in bowel habits such as you have it is wise to consult a GI doc as your PCP has referred you.

As reflected in your CBC labs you are mildly anemic from iron deficiency and iron depleted in your Ferritin, total iron body stores. You have no stores to pull from to keep your Hgb and Hct at normal levels, thus, resulting in iron deficiency anemia when the H & H fall below lab range.

You are lucky to see a GI doc they can be very helpful in this situation regarding anemia. Ultimately, they can perform upper and lower GI tests to rule out any possible cause for anemia and other problems that you are having. There are also many different types of iron supplements to try. The OTC ones are the worst for side effects and the lowest dose as well. A GI can prescribe an iron that is also GI friendly. As for the constipation that can be many reasons. Iron may cause constipation in one person may no in another, you just have to try it. The higher dose the iron the less the constipation. I take Poly Iron 150 prescribed by my GI doc and have no constipation as long as I eat a well balanced diet. I also have Hashi's Thyroiditis and it too causes constipation for me, so I have to really watch it, but have no problems with this iron. Hypothyroidism causes constipation so if I were you I would also have my thyroid levels checked, it is a typical symptom for many.

When I was low in iron I also experienced heart related symptoms; tachycardia, and had to have a heart echo and renal artery US which were normal. In my case it was anemia related.

If you eat meat, it is recommended to eat red meat 3X weekly to resolve anemia. It is highly absorbed verses plant based iron sources. Take care and keep us posted. FLFG ;)

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