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I was diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia about three months ago (I believe my hemo was 11 and my iron was 8 but I may have that backwards). I was put on two supplements daily. I have no other known health issues. I went to doctor because I was experiencing burning sensations on my skin (mostly back), itching, fatigue, acid reflux and nervousness/anxiety. Oh, and significant hair loss at hairline and sides. Within two weeks of treatment, most symptoms were completely gone, and hair is slowly coming in again.

My doctor went on maternity leave and the primary doctor said by phone that my new tests show iron and hemo "coming up very nicely.'' He did not offer levels, but he did say I had to have a colonoscopy. (The fecal occult test came back negative). I am very upset about the prospect of undetected colon cancer to the point of being able to think about nothing else. I do not have ANY symptoms or risk factors or family history, other than perhaps eating too much dairy.

A few more things that hopefully have more to do with this than hidden cancers: I had two babies within 22 mos. both by C-section, I breastfed both of them for 16 + months, all preview blood tests I ever had were taken while I was on prenatal vitamins, so any previous anemia would have been masked.
My youngest is 3, but I only went off the prenatals a year and a half ago. Symptoms started in November.

Also, I get heavy periods, although not so heavy as to ever cause me to seek medical attention. But they are heavy and they last 7 days and they come 27 days apart. I also had a bad habit (not while pregnant but before and after) of skipping breakfast, drinking coffee all morning, and then resuming an otherwise healthy and not-much-meat diet for the rest of each day.

If you've gotten this far, thank you. My freaking out is - WHY the colonoscopy test first? Did he see soemthing he's not telling me? Or is this routine? He now has me convinced I've been walking around with cancer and not knowing it.

I plan to see my gyno asap with hopes that perhaps this is fibroids.

Has anyone else had numbers this low from diet and pregnancy/childbirth alone, or is it always an underlying disease or disorder?

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