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I read that heavy periods is the main cause of anemia in women of child bearing age. I think heavy periods gets worse the closer we get to perimenopause/menopause. I know in my case, heavy periods is the cause of my anemia and low ferritin. I have polyps, fibroids, enlarged uterus, all caused by hormone imbalance. My progesterone to estrogen ratio is out of whack, with too much estrogen not enough progesterone. I started on natural progesterone cream but it has not helped yet with heavy periods (but has helped with some other issues). I also recently started on thyroid meds. as I found out I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Doctor said she hopes this is going to be the missing link for me as far as the tiredness and heavy periods that the progesterone cream and iron supplements hasn't straightened out yet.

Like flflowergirl said, there are a lot of issues that seem to go hand in hand as evidenced by a lot of us here that have the same diagnoses.

I can't remember if anyone has mentioned this but low vit. D can have the same symptoms as anemia and hypothyroid. You might want to check this also.

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