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tajinder85--Welcome to the boards! :wave:

That would depend on if you are anemic or not and how well you absorb. I can tell you that it takes 30-45 days to respond to iron supplements when anemic. It took me once, two months to go from 8.5 to 12.9 Hgb with iron supplements in the amount that you are taking before the ferritin would begin to store a rather small amount. This is so different for everyone because it depends on so many factors. It can take up to a year to completely fill the stores *without* having more issues such as malabsorption. Reason is you can only absorb a little iron each day and this takes time. A six ferritin is still rather low. Your body has a built in mechanism so to speak that absorbs according to the need for iron, when there is more crisis and lower iron the body will absorb at a faster rate and then it slows when it thinks that it is safe and then it takes longer when that happens. The whole thing is just slow so be prepared to be patient. Hope that helps a little. FLFG ;)
You are very welcome. This is true, that's the way it worked for me. My hair was all over me, my house, in my food Yuck! I was just lucky that I have really fine hair, but lots of it so it didn't show up on my head, only the house. When I reached a 20 ferritin it slowed way down and I also had new hairs popping out all over my head, which was actually a problem for me to deal with. I had to resort to using hair products and even iron my hair to keep them down, although, I was happy to have them :D. This number is different for everyone as to when they have relief. Personally, it took me a good while (8 months and an ablation) to get to a 20 ferritin. This however, will not be your case, it's just my own experience.

My best advice to you is to eat red meat (if you can) 3 X weekly along with your supplements, to build your stores quicker. Heme iron derived from red meat is the easiest to absorb and when taken with Vitamin C just as your supplement are it will increase the absorption 6 fold *I think* it is :bouncing:. Any hoo it is a lot. So, I would try that too. It helps, and makes a BIG difference IF you can do it. FLFG :)

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