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[QUOTE=flowergirl2day;3989343]One of my medications, Nexium - a proton pump inhibitor which reduces the production of stomach acid, is said to interfere with the absorption of dietary iron.

Does anybody know the extent of suppression of the iron absorption? Can it be expressed as a percentage of daily dietary iron intake? I wonder if any relevant studies about the PPI's long-term effects on iron levels have been done? PPIs have been in the news [U][B]a lot [/B][/U]lately, making me wonder if some of us would be better off without them. :dizzy:

Has anyone experienced a significant improvement in their iron levels as a result of simply discontinuing this drug? (Without the help of supplemental iron). I don't want to risk going without the PPI to satisfy my curiosity. My (severe) GERD and hiatal hernia symptoms are under control, thank goodness. I'd like to know the answer though.


Hello FG--:wave:

Hope you are doing well. ;)

You know, this is a very interesting topic that you bring up. Something both of us have been dealing with. You really have to be careful in what you read on the internet, I know you are well aware of this. I am just making the point that you cannot believe everything that you read and in some cases, things have changed regarding results. With that being said, I have read i.e., one study/article saying that PPI's do not inhibit absorption of iron then the next clearly does. I think that there are a couple of KEY things to remember when discussing PPI's. One, I would ultimately follow the advice of your specialist when it comes to this answer as far as absorption goes (however, mine has not given this answer) AND two, LONG TERM, I *think* is the difference when it comes to IDA and PPI use.

I have [B]read[/B] a few things as far as absorption goes. Do not quote me, but it is close, because this is from memory , I didn't bookmark the info. I have read that PPI's decrease the absorption anywhere from 50-65% *I think* it was and they also only work for *I think* 15-17 hrs, and the rest of the time you are absorbing. So, according to this information if you are taking your PPI when you are eating your main meals with high iron intake you are malabsorbing at least 1/2 of the normal iron intake. This is why I take my PPI the last thing at night. I also tend to need much more protection at night. As far as reflux goes that is not really a big problem for me. I think it would be hard to figure out a percentage that is adequately absorbed daily.

It also depends on the type of iron taken. In the beginning I took Ferris Sulfate (as harsh as it was) and in 2 months I went from 8.5 - 12.9 with heavy periods.

Next, I changed irons due to the FS really messing up my GI tract and It took an endometrial ablation to stop heavy periods along with 300mgs of Poly iron to get back up to normal numbers again because I became anemic again after I stopped the F'S. So, there are just so many factors involved when it comes to what we can take, and what works, WHY it works well for us or NOT. The same principle would apply to the types of iron intake heme verses non heme.

If I had the option of stopping my PPI, I would most definitely do so. However, it is not an option for me as an individual. I have now been on a PPI for 9 yrs. I have tried every other day and after a few weeks it starts to become a problem again. If people can get off of them more power to them and they probably didn't need them long term in the first place, I however, do. are so correct in saying that we are better off without them, I second that. TTYL FLFG ;)

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