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4 is quite a low number, my number was 3 as of a few weeks ago when I had my yearly physica, I asked my doc to do blood work and check it. I looked on WEBMD and say they generally for women ages 18-50 it should be between 18-160. My advice is to see a Hematologist. They may redo blood work and put you on iron supplements or a multi vitamin with iron it them to bring back up your iron stores which is what ferritin does. They will ask you questions I'm sure about why this may be happening...heavy periods? Blood on when you have a bowel movement? Dietary history? That is what I'm thinking but then again I'm not a doctor. I've been on iron supps on and off for 5 years and they never found out why. :dizzy:
I would start taking an iron supplement and a multivitamin such as Centrum. You should start feeling improvement within a few days, but you should kep taking the iron for quite a few months, to build up yout bodys iron stores.

Carbonyl Iron (Sundown Perfect Iron is a brand name) causes a lot less in the way of side effects than most other iron preperations, and it is very cheap..... a well known online drug store is selling a 3 month supply for $4.75
The wife and I are going nuts, and I hope you folks can help. Our 19 year old daughter has been having iron deficiency problems for about 15 months now. Her levels were so low that she went to a cancer center to get an "Iron IV" treatment. That was 3 months ago, and it brought her levels up to 45. We were told that is in the lower part of the "acceptable range". Well last Wed, Oct 21st, the Dr called to say her iron level was back down to 2, and we needed to take her in for another IV. We did that on Friday the 23rd. She's been very nauseous and now, she's having bad pain in her stomach and left side, and she can't hold anything down. So 2 days ago (Oct 28th) I took her to ER and they admitted her. They took a blood test (among many others) and her ferratin level came back at 1538!! Not a typo. 1538. The Dr at the hospital said that is off the charts high. And our daughter was scheduled to get ANOTHER Iron IV today. Well, from her hospital room, I called her oncology Dr and told her the levels came back at 1538, and I asked her what's going on. She said, "Yeah... That's normal for someone who just had an iron treatment a week ago.". The Dr at the hospital told us it would take 5-6 weeks for the iron levels to show an increase. Which doesn't make sense either. If they put the Iron IV in the blood, and they draw the blood to test it, why wouldn't it show up?

All her ultrasounds, CAT scans, blood tests, etc. and so on came back normal. She's had 1 menstrual cycle in the past 3 months. Yet she's still nauseous, has trouble keeping her food down, and she's still losing iron. (Even though it's at 1538 now!)

She's also not pregnant according to the GI Dr's lab tests.

So.... Why is she losing iron? Why is her ferritin level 1538! What's really "normal"? And why is she in pain and nauseous?!

Any insight you folks can provide would be greatly appreciated.
[QUOTE=elizabethwater;3990434]I had my iron level checked because i was not feeling well. My ferritin level is a 4 and saturation is a 8 both low but my cbc was borderline. The last Dr. i went to has not helped me take care of these issues and i am getting frustrated and feeling worse. I don't know if i should be worried about these levels. Daily life activities are a struggle. I could use advice.[/QUOTE]
Elizabethwater, I have been fighting iron deficiency since 2007. I started out being fatigue and not able to do anything at all. Found out that my iron saturation was a 3. I go every 3 months for 5 sessions of ferritin by IV and today my Iron Saturation is at 14.7. The doctors explain that my body does not metabolize the iron and that I am bleeding out (have peptic ulcers) faster than the iron can be absorbed. I highly recommend going to a Hematologist, as they understand the blood disorders. R/Iron Deficient in Maryland

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