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Marcie1980 - Ferritin is a test that measures your iron stores. Your ferritin is in the normal range as is your actual iron test. The binding proteins that carry iron are measured by the tests UIBC and TIBC. (UIBC stands for the Unbound Iron Binding Capacity and the TIBC stands for the Total Iron Binding Capacity which is calculated by adding the iron concentration plus the UIBC.) There are some things which can cause changes in the concentration of the binding proteins and cause them to increase. The most common of these is birth control pills and HRT (hormone replacement therapy.) Pregnancy also can cause an increase. Do any of those possibilities fit for you? The low saturation would be caused from the increased binding proteins.

Your CBC (complete blood count) results all fall within normal ranges too so it does not appear that you are anemic.

The next best guess would have been your thyroid and they did order those tests for you. However, both the TSH and FT4 are normal. (The great thing is that they ordered a FT4 instead of a T4 because T4 is affected by changes in the binding proteins. It doesn't appear to be a thyroid problem, but sometimes the thyroid has ups and downs as it is beginning to not function properly.

I'm not a doctor. I really don't know where you should look next. I thought I'd just help you with your results. I do hope that you figure out what is going on. It's hard to feel tired all the time. Have you googled things that cause your hair to fall out?

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