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Thank you everyone for trying to help me. I'm slowing learning by researching and talking to others. My last doctor was useless..I told him something is wrong and im losing my hair i dont feel good over and over.He use to say im fine and look good its just kinda fine hair and bla bla. I liked the look on his speechless face when i walked in after a yr or more later with hardly any hair left and took off my wig to show him how thin my hair is that i have to wear this and at my age it sucks. It felt im onto a new one. He's sending me to an endocrinologist in a couple weeks(my last doctor wouldn't)and just recently my gyno sent me to a specialist to have an ultrasound to check my ovaries etc.. i had abnormal cells or high white cell count cant recall come back on my last pap test. i had cysts burst on my ovaries 2 times when i was 17 or so and im 29yrs old now and nothing since.The test came back normal like So my new doctor wants to check pcos next since i have excess hair on body, acne cant lose weight and cysts on ovaries when younger. ive maintain a weight of 115-130pds 5 foot 5inches but cannot lose anymore weight and ive tried very its the bloating and water retention tho thats frustrating, i look pregnant sometimes.
i dont take any other meds except vitamins. my new doctor wants me on another birth contol pill demulen i think he mentioned and to start spironolactone.Ive researched birth control and am scared to go off cause it causes shedding and scared tot ry anothe one..hmmm i did try that for 3 yrs a while back and it didnt do much except make me shed hair and have to pee skin did get dryer which was nice. i started on the diane 35 cause of severe acne in highschool which that has solved now. just the hormonal one here and there.
The only other thing on my last test was i had high eosinophilis 0.06-0.5(0.0-0.4) and platelet count is 328(150-400) not sure what that is.
My progesterone is 1 nmol/l(my new doc said this could be causing symptoms) maybe take a usp progesterone cream, estradiol 41 pmol/l and free testosterone 1.2 pmol, dhea s 3, prolactin 8, fsh serum 1.2, lh serum 0.1(low), androstenedione 7.7(high end)

Stonepile-I'll see if the new doctor will do that test. Is there a good time to have it done(morning, afternoon etc..) ive been reading lately that its better to do some tests at certain times?

Audrey-B-I feel just as you do that ive wasted 7-10 yrs thinking its this or that cause everything is normal according to the labs and one day i hope they figure it out like you did:) Also I will ask for a t3 I never had that done. the last doctor did to antibodies(forgot to add to my post) it came back negative

FLFLOWERGIRL-I just bought a sublingual b12 over the weekend that you put under ur tongue. i;ll see how that goes. I also bought a calcium with vitamin d and zinc.

thanx again everyone its nice to talk to others since i dont talk about it to anyone except my mother.

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