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It is very important to drink lots of water to keep your digestive system running properly and to increase your daily fiber intake either by supplements or by adding high-fiber foods.

Also as Charlene mentioned, the type of iron supplement you take makes a difference.

I have lots of digestive issues and my hematologist was concerned about iron supplements causing me more issues so she called in a script for [B]Niferex 150 [/B]which is a poly-iron with vitamin C which she said would be gentler on my system. Problem was it is not covered under my insurance (and cost $115 for one month supply) because it is not really a drug - it is a vitamin supplement and insurance doesn't cover them. My pharmacist told me he had never seen Niferex 150 covered by any insurance so he recommended I try [B]Ferrex 150 [/B]which is similar and less expensive - $30 for one month supply.

Then my doctor gave me a script for [B]Ferrex 150 Forte [/B]which is iron, vitamin B12 and folic acid. It is covered by insurance. Pharmacist suggested I take a Vitamin C supplement with the iron so that's what I did for 5 months and it wasn't so bad.

I later did some research and found that there is a [B]Niferex 150 Forte [/B](poly-iron with Vitamin C, folic acid and B12) that is covered by insurance.

To add iron to your diet through food is helpful but you really need to take an iron supplement.

Best of luck to your girlfriend.

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