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[QUOTE=joisbelle;3995523]Hello Everyone!
[COLOR="Blue"]Hello joisbelle and welcome to the boards! :wave: [/COLOR]
I'm new here and trying to educate myself on anema.

I was dx in March and since then my numbers at end of April are as follows:

Iron 10 (was 22 end of March)
Ferritin 19 (was 14 end of March

RBC 3.74
Hemoglobin 8.3
Hemstocrit 28.8
MCV 77 (was 76 end of March)
MCH 22.3
MCHC 28.9
RDW 18.5

Why would iron go down and ferritin go up.

[COLOR="Blue"]Because iron testing, tests the amount of iron that is in curculation at the time of testing. This is subject to change according to what you have eaten or supplements that you might have been taking at that time. If you had a high iron intake too. [/COLOR]

Does that mean I am absorbing or not?
[COLOR="Blue"]If your numbers are going up you are absorbing iron.[/COLOR]

How long does it take to bring numbers up. Blood loss was due to heavy periods but that has been fixed for the most part now.

[COLOR="Blue"]Once you have stopped the blood loss (or shall I say excessive amounts) then you should see a differenece within a couple of months time. All of this takes time. When an anemia is related to diet only and not additional blood loss then it takes 35-40 days to correct the anemia. [/COLOR]

Has anyone taken Ferralet 90 or know anything about it? It's supposed to be easier on the tummy, which I think it is as hasn't bothered me too much yet.

I was RX one iron pill a day and now three times a day.
[COLOR="Blue"]Yes, your numbers are very low with moderate anemia which is not too good. You need lots of iron. I had numbers like yours and I took 300 mgs daily of GI friendly Poly Iron 150.[/COLOR]

Any suggestions or observations are appreciated, as I feel like I'm in the dark most of the time.
[COLOR="Blue"]Don't be in the dark, keep posting. Take care. FLFG:)[/COLOR]
Thanks so much!

joisbelle :)[/QUOTE]

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