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Hi peace4health - if your periods are 'normal' then i'd not think that your low iron would be due to that. The problem is that low iron can be due to so many things.

With 'normal' periods, and if you also aren't experiencing a list of PMS symptoms prior to your period starting, it wouldn't appear that you have hormone issues.

If it's not gluten intolerance and you don't have a thyroid problem, then to my thinking that only leaves digestive issues.

I too will be married to iron for life (wonder what ring finger that one goes onto???) My iron drops even when i'm on a daily dose of iron supplements. I got all the way up to 82 earlier this year. Since then it dropped, then rose, then dropped, dropped, dropped. Now i'm back down to 54. It's totally crazy and we can't work out what is going on.

My 'uneducated' guess is that my stress levels affect my digestion. I think i tend to stress out too easily and my body isn't 'at peace'. It's probably in a tense mode most of the time, rather than relaxed. I don't put on weight, or i should say it's harder for me to put on weight. When ever i go to Europe to visit relatives i can put on a few kg's in the space of 2 months quite easily. The moment i come back home it just drops off without even trying. When i go overseas i think i totally relax, destress and forget about things.

How are your stress levels? Do you not care about things or are you more of a worrier?

Until you find out 100% what is at the root of your iron deficiency, it's all guessing games and lots of iron supplements.

Regarding the ultrasound, have you had the external one at least?

I hope we all find out what works for us. It's no fun taking all this stuff on a daily basis. I don't have a single meal time go buy without some form of supplement or medication. It's ridiculous, but what can you do!!

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