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missyou009--Welcome to the boards! :wave:

Not wanting to do testing, is NOT a good enough reason not to. None of us wanted to have the procedures. I am being honest with you.

When you saw your doctor and your Hgb was 12.2, that is when you should have started some type of iron. You should not have waited to drop further. An optimal Hgb for a female is 14.0. So, you can see you were already at the low end of the range.

When there is anemia present many tests should be completed. I cannot begin to tell you the numbers of things that can cause anemia. There can also be more than one reason at the same time.

Just because you have periods alone is really not enough to say that this is your problem and drop it. Iron should not even be started until the reason is known not just suspected. What she is really saying is she *THINKS* that this is the problem. You can only be as sure as the tests that you do to rule out different things.

I will give you my own experience. My anemia first of all went on much longer than in most cases, no fault of my own. My doc was not testing my blood and I didn't know better at that time. It was my Endo that intervened and found my anemia due to my symptoms. I had as most everyone here, an endoscopy, colonoscopy, blood occult, 17 blood tests to date, endometrial ablation, trans vag ultrasound and saw 10 doctors. That was only for my anemia situation alone. It's not like she asked you for something BIG, these are just little baby tests so to speak. So, I will get to my point, I was told also by my Hematologist, GYNO, and PCP that my anemia was due to heavy periods (they ALL thought). They can only give their best guess, that is why they like to rule things out to be sure that nothing is being missed. That should in itself give you peace of mind. So, after one year, and 1 ablation I barely had a period. However, it was still really hard for me to raise my ferritin which is extremely important to your health and means something is not right. At the time of the ablation they also found 7 polyps and removed those, we had no idea as they didn't show up on the trans vag us testing. This reinforced the fact that heavy periods was indeed my problem. Then, I still had a hard time raising my ferritin. I know something was not right, I went back to my GI doc and told him this news (because IMO other doctor's are not as qualified to know this) and he then stated that I have a malabsoprtion problem, by this time it was apparent. This is why I have a hard time building my ferritin and have to remain on iron the rest of my life or as long as I continue the use of PPI's. So, this is one example of why we test. I have been at this for 2 yrs. and 4 months now. My last ferritin was 58 (nothing to rave about) and my doctor won't test me again, so I have to find a new PCP. My specialists won't run this either because they are done with that detail and it is now the hands of the PCP to monitor.

Most people here are not well and have been subject to many tests other than anemia such as you have and we all sympathize with the fact that you have been through stress, time, and money. We know how you feel, but these reasons alone are not enough cause to dismiss testing to rule out possible causes. IMHO, I think that you should have much more testing completed.

So, to finally answer your last question, yes, you are being unfair to your doc and unreasonable, but that is only because you don't know better. That is why we are here to help you through these things that we have already been through or are still going through. We are here for your support.
Take care and keep us posted. FLFG ;)

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