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I got my lab results back for suspected anemia. My hemoglobin was 14, he is retesting for ferritin levels because I had been supplementing iron at the time of the test.

[COLOR="Blue"]14 is optimal. I will give you an example of what you are asking. After my anemia 8.5 hgb, and coming up from 2 ferritin, my Hgb finally hit 14.4 and I had a 41 Ferritin at that time. This however will be different for everyone. You have to have some stores to have such a high Hgb. Now/low ferritin is the end stage of the ferritin stores resulting in anemia. In the future, You should never begin iron supplements until you know all your numbers and a cause to support that. Anemia has many symptoms that mimic many other things, one of them commonly being thyroid.[/COLOR]

But my TSH level was 8, but T3 and T4 normal. For anyone with thyroid disease, does this mean I am hypothyroid?

[COLOR="Blue"]A TSH of 8 would be considered mildly Hypo-T. That is my top TSH number too. The ranges differ from lab to lab maybe you have heard this, and my Endo usually likes it to be 2.0 or below, some people say closer to 1 for Hahsi's but then IMO I feel you can easily go hyper-T if you fall below 0.3 I have gone as low as 0.16 and it doesn't feel so good. It really should not exceed 2.5 with new guidelines being 0.3-[B]3.0[/B] being the top of the range (although some ranges are higher such as; 0.40-4.50 and 0.350-5.50 ) and you are 8 so, you see you exceed them all. Numbers above range are usually considered to be Hypo-T and under active gland.[/COLOR]

And could the ferritin levels be low with a hemoglobin of 14, and are anemia and hypothyroid somehow related?

[COLOR="Blue"]Yes, the body works in unison and that's the most important thing I think to know. My doc would say that the low ferritin is not related to the thyroid. But I have to say there are many, many people and we all seem to have this in common. Perhaps it is coincidence. It is a known fact that Hashi's causes a few things that could cause a low ferritin as a result, to prove it is another thing and I think that you have to be very hypo to cause these things so maybe it is not the case. I really don't think that we have the true answer to this. Just be aware that it could be a cause and never excluded it. This is just my opinion everyone has there own especially when it come the the thyroid and what is sound practice for patients. You should get copies of your labs and post them on the thyroid board. Years ago I went to the doctor complaining that I though I was anemic, and I was then DX'ed with Hashi's. Symptoms are the same, a mimic as with many other diseases. Take care. FLFG :)[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Blue"]How could I forget! You need to have your Auto-antibodies checked for Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. I forgot because I too am a little Hypo-T at this time. :dizzy:[/COLOR]

Thanks in advance[/QUOTE]

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