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Ferritin level
Jun 5, 2009
I have a ferritin level of 4. Has anyone had symptoms with that. The range of normal looks vast. I've been anemic for a while now but this is the first ferritin test they have done.
Re: Ferritin level
Jun 5, 2009
timetoreclaim--Hello :wave:

You probably already know that ferritin is the body iron stores. When you are below the chart or 10 you have no iron remaining. When you are at the low end of the range for ferritin and even within range you are still iron deficient and that can be with or without anemia. Some people don't even become anemic until their ferritin hits a 5. Your goal for ferritin should be at least 50 for minimal health and 70-100 for optimal health. It can take up to a year or even longer depending on what your situation is. Associated symptoms are ~most commonly~, fatigue, hair loss and RLS when your numbers are that low. Some docs say there are no symptoms related to a low ferritin. Go by how you feel and keep track of symptoms and lab ranges and compare. This is how you will know how your body is effected by this. Things should resolve when the ferritin gets into the more normal values. Take care. FLFG :)
Re: Ferritin level
Jun 6, 2009
You say the rest of your labs are normal - so hemoglobin is normal? I have similiar symptoms and am finding out it is harder to figure out than I thought. My doc says my anemia is mild at hemoglobin 10.3 but my ferritin is <1. I am also Vit D deficient and so it is hard to pin down. Good luck!

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