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hi there

i have had low ferrtin levels for years i do have heavy periods and i also have ibs so my digestive tract is not the greatest
i had a endoscopy done this year for celiac disease it came back negative but i still wonder my doctor only took two biopies from the small intestine is that enough or should he have taken more biopies i read on the net that five to six should be taken
my ferrtin level in feb was 8 and in may it is 2 in four months it has dropped alot why any thoughts and advice
i'm thinking of asking my doctor for an iron shot
thanks for listening hope to hear back from someone
take care
Hello :wave:

Are you taking iron supplements?
hi there
yes i'm on a fluid type called floradex from my natural path doctor i was on iron pills that wern't perscription pills and they made me constipated
so i'm thinking of going on a birth control pill for the heavy periods and a iron shot
any more advice would be great i feel lost at this point
take care thanks
Hi albertamissy,
Have you ever had restless legs? fatigue?
[QUOTE=puglover;4006848]Hi albertamissy,
Have you ever had restless legs? fatigue?[/QUOTE]

hi there
i don't really have restless legs but my legs do get sore and tight i do get tired easy so i try not to overdue it what about you
take care
I do have restless legs and it is kind of a misnomer because it can happen anywhere in the body mine is in my spine and left side of my body. I did a sleep study and it stated that I had severe RLS my body was woken up 86x's per hour during the 6 hour test my neurologist could not believe I was staying awake during the day! I was finally put on mirapex (parkinson's med) and i am able to sleep but if I miss a dose I am in trouble. I am wondering if a deficiency in iron and b12 could be the problem???
hi there
i have had a endoscope done this feb of 2009 and it came back negative for gluten disease what is blood builder? my doctor is finally sending me to a blood doctor he also gave me a birth control pill to try i hope it will reduce the heavy flow how about you have you had low ferrtin levels for a long time?
take care
hi there
that's good that you can sleep better now i know it sucks when you can't sleep i also have ibs and fibromylagia have had it for years which can be hard some days
i have had my iron and b12 checked many times they are fine also have had my thyroid checked lots but i wonder if it is a hidden thyroid problem my doctor is finally going to send me to a blood doctor how about you have you see a blood doctor what do you take for your iron levels
thanks take care

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