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Hi Everyone,

Since last fall I have been feeling really tired and weak. I recently found out that I have low ferritin. Doc started me on 3 iron pills a day and recently up-ed it to 4. My hemoglobin and hematocrit were borderline and now they are just slightly above borderline. My ferritin had been a 13 and now, 6 weeks later, is 22. I experienced 2 weeks of feeling better but now I feel horrible again (my period just ended). Doc doesn't know what to make of this as he feels everything is in normal range.

Could I still feel this bad from a ferritin level of 22? I feel shaky, fatigued, breathless, and I'm having heart palpatations. My muscles hurt and ache too.
How high does my ferritin have to get for me to feel relief from these symptoms? I do have an inner ear disorder too that requires lots of my energy.

I'm starting to feel like I'll never feel better again.


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