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jessica--Welcome to the boards again! :wave:I think I just welcomed you in another post, LOL :dizzy:.

Jessica, you WILL feel better again, really. It just takes time. If your doctor thinks that your numbers (referring to the ferritin) are all in range I would say that he is correct, however, you should tell him that you are still iron deficient and your body is telling you this. You could also have something more going on that is always a possibility for all of us. But a lot of symptoms could very well be from iron. The end stage of iron (ferritin) stores is anemia, you just aren't at this lower point yet. Eventually if the reason is not found then you will keep having this problem, even if you raise your numbers to way normal levels. Heavy menstrual bleeding is usually the cause in women. Digestive issues are usually next. What do you think because you know your body better than anyone else. Sounds like your period may be a problem for you. It takes years to deplete the ferritin and up to a year or more to replete it.

The next thing that I would suggest that I also had to do was have an EKG and Heart Echo to rule out any other possible causes. It's really easy, both of these tests, and then you have more knowledge and know that it's a cause from your low iron levels or not. It's just so very common to feel as you are when your numbers are like yours. It's always better to test and know than worry.

I don't know what type of iron you are on but 4 a day seems like a lot of taking supplements to me. I would ask for a RX for 1 X only. This iron is usually much better than the OTC stuff too. Be sure that you don't start having GI issues with it too. Take care. FLFG:)

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