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I am in the same situation. I had a heavy cycle that lasted 2 weeks and it dropped my hemoglobin from 11.4 to 7.7. I had a blood transfusion which raised it back to 10.4. They also put me on Provera, which stopped my cycle, but it started again after a couple of weeks, so I stopped the Provera. They want me to go on BP, but I have high blood pressure, which I personally think is from the anemia, but nobody has confirmed that.

So. I've been told my a friend who has been through the same situation that you have to raise your iron stores before you can get better. Apparently, the more anemic you are, the heavier your cycle is (silly bodies don't know better). You need to ask what your ferritin level is - that's your iron stores. To raise your iron stores, you may have get IV iron. Oral supplements may not be enough. Bottom line, you have to raise the stores or you'll continue to have heavy cycles and get worse.

I know it takes time to get better, and I also know that my dr is not as concerned about my anemia as I am. I hate it. I have a headache all the time and my energy is terrible at 10.4. She did my iron workup last visit, so next visit we'll have the results, and I'm going to insist on making a plan to get me some higher hemoglobin before the next cycle begins.

The whole thing is no fun.

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