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onelove$life--Welcome to the boards!:wave:

Sorry that you are so overwhelmed by all this. It can be a very disconcerting time that's for sure, I sympathize deeply with you.

As far as your labs go I really try not to try to diagnose because I am just a dumb patient myself not a medical professional. I can however, tell you a few things that I have learned about labs.

You are considered to be Moderately anemic with a Hgb of 8.4 according to my ranges. A ferritin of 1.18 means you have iron depleted stores anything under 10 according to my Hematologist, no iron remaining in storage which is stored primarily in the bone marrow, spleen and liver. When the bone marrow ferritin is used up then you pull from your organs according to my GI doc. Other telling test about iron is the iron serum which is the iron in circulation at the time of testing and the Iron Sat % and you are low in both which can be indicative of iron deficiency. Anemia's are classed according to the size of RBC's (MCV) and you are classed as a *Micro--cytic* (smaller than normal)anemia which is common in Iron Deficiency Anemia, also chronic disease production based, and Thallesemia. However, you have some WBC things going on, I have no idea what this means for you. It could be a result of many things, don't think the worst possiblility. If I have learned anything at all from being ill, it is that you don't worry until you have a reason to. I have a friend that had funky WBC production and for her it was a result of the iron deficiency. Only a doctor can tell you what you have. We can only tell you what some of the things on the labs may or may not indicate.

I think that you said in another post that they wanted to do a BMB on you and this is to see the production of the blood cells in the bone marrow.

[B]A typical IDA profile looks like this on a CBC lab[/B]:
RDW-H variation of RBC's=size and shape.
Iron Panel[/B]:
Serum Iron-L

Please note that you can have more than one thing happening at the same time too. Doctor's don't really know until they run further tests. What do your doctor's say about your labs and are you seeing a Hematologist? My labs looked like yours other than the WBC counts. My WBC was actually high and they flagged that for a while and it too returned to normal. Try not to stress and know that we are here for your support even if it is just to chat. Take care. FLFG :)

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