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[QUOTE=ellie215;4015173]What is the number or rating for high iron count??

[COLOR="Blue"]Welcome to the boards! :wave:

The range for "[B]men[/B]" according to the lab I'm referencing is 45-182 ug/dl and this is Serum iron. If you are talking about ferritin the body iron stores this number is 22-322 know that labs run different ranges. My Hematologist told me when I was anemic that anything over 10 and not over 1000 is the range that they don't worry about. Of course this doesn't mean that it wouldn't be treated either, depends on the circumstances.[/COLOR]

How do you break down the % to a number??

What can you do medically to reduce the high Iron count??
[COLOR="Blue"]The only ways that I know of are 1.) blood letting, aka, phlebotomy and
2.) Chelation therapy which was not recommended as a procedure.[/COLOR]

Infusions are being done to replace red platelets and now
causing high iron count. What pill can be taken to correct this?

[COLOR="Blue"]You would need to consult your doc on this, I would ask a GI if I were you, they know the best protocol for these things IMHO. There is a lot of misinformation on this subject on the net so be careful what you read and the source of information.

Sorry I wasn't much help. Take care. FLFG :)[/COLOR]


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