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Re: Anemia
Jun 19, 2009
rfried1729--Welcome to the boards!

A person can have low iron levels for [B]one or more [/B]of three reasons:

Blood loss, either from having a disease or injury, not getting enough iron in the daily diet such as vegetarians and/or not being able to absorb the iron in the diet as seen in malabsorption syndromes.

It is unlikely that your bleeding hemorrhoid caused this low of a number unless it is a severe grade and have more than one. It does happen though if it is bad.

The small intestines are many times where you will find answers and many times this test is overlooked too so it's great that your doc is moving forward for you. I have heard that less than 5% of bleeds occur in the small intestines. Being a male, it's a little different when anemic because they already know that you don't have a regular monthly cycle. For women they just blame that and often times it's something else as a cause which is found at a later date so in that regard your a step above the rest for finding a cause.

You care considered moderately anemic, although you are feeling poorly you have time to find a cause without stressing too much. I wonder what your ferritin and iron panel look like. The CBC tells if you are anemic which we know you are already. The iron tests tell how much of the iron in the body is available and how much has been used up. There can also be an elevated ferritin in the presence of some autoimmune conditions which is a possibility for you. When I was anemic I was very ill with many strange things happening so I didn't wait too long for someone to help me I made appointments with the Hematologist (unable to take iron and levels continued to drop) next I saw a Rheumatologist to rule out AI causes (which were 3 pages full) and finally, a Neurologist as well.

Have you also had your B-12 and folate checked? It should be. IF intrinsic factor in the stomach and Celiac disease are the major ones to check for and even H-Pylori bacteria although you have no ulcers. All simple blood tests, not so simple to get the doc to check at times. Do you take any PPI's such as Nexium that may cause malabsorption? Do you do blood donations?

So, what kind and how much iron are you taking. Are you also taking it the right way to absorb it? Take care and sorry about the questions. FLFG:)

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