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[COLOR="Blue"]Welcome to the boards! :wave:[/COLOR]
I hope someone will help me here because I am depressed beyond belief..
[COLOR="Blue"]I'm sorry that you are having such a difficult time. It's quite normal to become depressed from dealing with an illness.[/COLOR]

Here are the facts.

serum ferritin 22 ( lab normal range = 10 - 160 )
[COLOR="Blue"]I am just a dumb patient, however, I feel from what I have learned that a ferritin under 50 is not a healthy level. Some say it can present with symptoms, some say no. I know from my own experience that when my feritin hit 50 I could tell a difference. Some also say that ferritin should be 100 for women. I have also read that you are iron deficient with a low ferritin 40 and under. You can be iron deficient without anemia. Anemia is a symptom of something else happening in the body not a disease in and of itself.[/COLOR]

THS 0.32 ( normal levels = 0.3 - 5 )
[COLOR="Blue"]I don't know about you, but I can tell you that when my TSH went to 0.16 I was experiencing symptoms that felt as if I had low blood sugar, I was leaning towards being Hyper-T and felt it. My labs confirmed this at a TSH level of 0.16 and I'm usually at the top of the charts. You should also have at least your F T-4 levels run. TSH alone is not enough. Some say other tests also should be included such as T-3 however, my Endo does not run these. Many doctors don't follow that.[/COLOR]

Bloodcount 14.3 ( lab normal range = 11 - 16 )
[COLOR="Blue"]Your Hgb is at an optimal level. So this is NOT your problem.[/COLOR]

The doc said " all normal no action needed "
[COLOR="Blue"]I would retest the thyroid levels.[/COLOR]

I had to pester the staff to give me the actual numbers they got quite pissy with me about being so demanding.
[COLOR="Blue"]I think that "pissy" is their nature. Don't let it deter you from getting what is yours. They are just people trying to do a job.[/COLOR]

I have been bedridden for 6 weeks with what the doc says " is just a virus "

I was told 3 yrs ago my ferritin was low by a doctor treating my malignant melanoma. I had cracks in the corner of my mouth and oral thrush. I had self diagnosed as having systemic candida as had a fever sore throat and felt run down and caught bugs a lot.
Plus if i ate sugar I felt 100 times worse.
[COLOR="Blue"]Some of this may just be your own immune system reacting.[/COLOR]

They said to get my doc to investigate why my ferritin was low. My doc just prescribed iron tabs which i didnt take due to constipation.
[COLOR="Blue"]Oh, well that won't work with your ferritin if it is low it needs to be raised to a healthy level. It's like a bank account and running out of money.[/COLOR]


recently I fell very ill.
[COLOR="Blue"]These are many non specific symptoms. I would wait it out and see if it is a virus or not or just return to your doctor for further evaluation. When you are run down it takes heck of a lot longer for your body to heal. [/COLOR]

1) All over muscle weakness floppy legs and arms and sleeping all day for the first 2 weeks I noticed my joints started clicking around this time but no pain.

2) Then this moved on to clicking and aching joint pain in wrists thumbs and shoulders. I cannot lie on my side in bed now.

3) Aching legs and back ( accross the upper buttocks )

4) Sweating from feet hands and underarms - often they are stone cold

5) Headaches -

6) Weakness or pain in the right shoulder arm and around the rib cage always comes on at dinner time.

7) A pain and or weakness in left leg behind the knee - again comes on worst at nights for a few hours.

8) A feeling of nasal or sinus congestion on and off. Feels like I want to sneeze if I cough but I never do.

9)Twitching muslces usually when I am resting.

10) Depression. ( but i always feel happier when my symptoms lift )

11) Racing heart - palputations a feeling like theres too much adrenalin at times if i get this at night it can keep me awake. And sometimes when i think about something I get butterflies in my stomach.
[COLOR="Blue"]I wonder if this isn't your TSH talking to you???[/COLOR]

12) shakes

13 ) My finger nails on the left hand have ridges in them no half moons they look awful. They have been this way since around 6 mths of being self diagnosed with candida.

14) for 6 mths my left eye is weak. It wanders when I try to focus long distance and more recently i have a flashing light in it when I look into the light and when I blink theres a black blob for a second when I am in the dark.
Vision in this eye is blurred or double a little too and getting worse.
Optician looked and took photos of my eye and said there was no damage.
I heard b12 deficiancy can cause these symptoms to the optic nerve
[COLOR="Blue"]Have you had your B-12 and folate tested?[/COLOR]
15) Fever/Chills

All the above symptoms come and go in severity and duration with the odd day where I feel as I did before I got sick 6 weeks ago.

The initial sleepiness and mental exhaustion has passed but only to be replaced with the later symptoms.

I have been housebound for 9 yrs so figure Vit D may be an issue. My skin never sees daylight.
[COLOR="Blue"]Why have you been housebound for 9 yrs? Have you had your vits and minerals checked?[/COLOR]

My dad had hypothyroidism and his dad has hyperthyridism.
[COLOR="Blue"]And it is possible to have Graves and Hashi's from what I have read. Have you been tested for thyroid auto-antibodies?[/COLOR]

I have tried to treat my candida with anti fungals only to fail because I react to badly to them. I get so sick its just too much and it goes on for months were as the "die off" from killing the bacteria that causes candida should only last a few weeks at best.
[COLOR="Blue"]Have you tried a script from your doctor for this?[/COLOR]

It was following a gruelling 7 mths anti candida treatment that has landed me in bed for 6 weeks for the first time in my life.

Can too many toxins in your blood effect the symptoms of anemia or make them suddenly worse?
[COLOR="Blue"]If you have a bloodstream full of toxins it will be just that toxic to your system. I think in general that it would make you feel worse with or without anemia present.[/COLOR]

I have always been quick to catch bugs and colds and they always make me feel iller than the person I get them from.
[COLOR="Blue"]I think this is just your own immune system.[/COLOR]

I have been on a restrictive diet for candida for 4 yrs.
[COLOR="Blue"]Whenever anyone goes on a restrictive diet and for a long period of time it also carries with it the potential for deficiency to Happen such as seen in malabsorption syndromes.[/COLOR]

Porridge ( oat meal ) every morning.
No sugar at all. ever
no fruit ever
Jacket potatoe with cottage cheese and a bit of salad for lunch
Dinner can be fries and some meat with peas or some kind of mixture
No snacks.
Decaf Coffee with Lacto free milk and Xylotol sugar substitute.

This is what I have been consuming for over 4 yrs.

I drink a lot of lacto free milk 1.5 liters a day. Lacto free because lactose turns to sugar so I cant have normal diary.

People are trying to suggest i have M.E !! I cant stand that thought it depresses and scares me.
[COLOR="Blue"]If you do not get better it could be a possibility. Has your doctor suggested this DX?[/COLOR]

I am so ill attending all these appointments is a nightmare. Esp when everyone seems to just want to say " your fine "
[COLOR="Blue"]Well, this unfortunately is what happens to many people. I just kept reassuring my doctors politely that they were missing something. It took a long time for me to heal and have proof that it was not anemia and a low ferritin as a single cause for my symptoms. However, I feel that the iron deficiency and anemia caused my body to become susceptible to other conditions.[/COLOR]

I have private medical insurance and live in the UK
[COLOR="Blue"]I know it's hard to go to all these appointments, it really did a number on my head. Honestly, I have to take Xanax to see my doctors now. I also tell them that, and it's not the "white coat" it's the blank stares or made up diagnosis that are given which I know are incorrect. Also, I HATE!!!!! the lecture on how this is not my expertise so I cannot answer that you have to ask your PCP, OMG!!!! So, I make sure that I do my homework and only ask things that ARE in their expertise and they HAVE to answer to that! [/COLOR]

I have been taking a purchased gentle iron, b12 but not taking too much, Vit D and Vit C for 4 weeks

[COLOR="Blue"]You should only take iron supplements under your doctor's supervision and have frequent blood tests to see where your at. B-12 should also be checked before beginning so that you know what your true levels are.[/COLOR]

Please any advise?
[COLOR="Blue"]Sorry that's all I can share with you. You really should use up that insurance and get what you pay for. It's your best bet. Take care and keep us posted. FLFG :)[/COLOR]

Thank you in advance[/QUOTE]

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