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2kidsmom--Welcome to the boards! :wave:

Oh yes, we have lots of advice here, :bouncing:LOL. It just takes a while to get here sometimes :dizzy:. Sorry for the delay.

Well I think that your Cardiologist is correct, it is time to change doctors. Anyone that lets you get into the situation that you are in knowingly, is not worth seeing, IMHO. If they are not looking out for [B]your[/B] best interest then forget it! Been there, done that, myself! Don't waist anymore time.

You are mildly anemic and have depleted ferritin stores and that in turn makes you feel very poorly to say the least.

I find your post very interesting. I have been reading a lot of things lately on Fibro/ME--Chronic Fatigue. Something that I have read is (don't know how true it is but I am currently reading a couple of books about this) that nutritional deficiency can cause chronic fatigue and a low ferritin can be a trigger for Fibro symptoms and I do know this is a very controversial topic. Fibro can also be related to the thyroid according to some doctors, just not mine:dizzy:. Wish I was further along with my education on this however, I am not, so I can only suggest this could be related. I feel many times that the things that are going on with us such as the symptoms we have are related more than we know, we just have to listen to our body. They may ~appear~ to be separate issues, but many times they are connected and deeply rooted one way or another. Unless you have a good doctor sometimes these are never revealed and the problems become even larger ones. I know that the diagnosis of Fibro can be misused by some when nothing else is apparent. Did your doctor test your tender points which are consistent with Fibromyalgia? If so, what did s/he say about it? I also presume that you were tested for AI diseases and were clear? I understand that you think your diagnosis is "bull" does that mean that you think "Fibro" itself is? Just wondering.......I would say if you had most all of the tender points and many more symptoms as you say that you would have fulfilled the criteria for that DX. Were you RX'ed any scripts for these symptoms? If you are dealing with both anemia and fibro symptoms you really would feel awful. Try to be patient and resolve the anemia with iron supplements first, then see if some of your symptoms resolve. At least this will help you to know what is going on in your body. One step at a time, nothing is quick when it comes to either of these issues.

It's good that you have had most of the typical GI testing at this point. Have you been checked for Celiac disease, B-12 and folate and thyroid? Did they check you for malabsorption issues? Sometimes periods are the cause even when you think they are light and not the source. If you are menstruating and don't replace enough iron this can indeed happen over time. If you do not replace the ferritin stores to a healthy level you are also at risk for this to happen again. You have to replace more iron than is lost on a daily basis. Maybe you should speak more to your GYN, only a suggestion.

Depression is also very common when you are going through illness. It is also a symptom of anemia as is anxiety. Just know that this may only be a temporary thing for you. I would stop worrying about a DX and focus on getting well. Sounds like it's stressing you too much. There are iron rich food lists on the net that you can locate. Try to incorporate as many as you can, take a good multi vit and B-12 or complex to help with energy and making new healthy RBC's. Vit-C 500 with each dose of iron if it is not already included will help with absorption. And drink lots of water. Are you currently taking iron? If you cannot hold onto the iron then you may want to consult a GI again, and/or a Hematologist.

You are dealing with a lot, try to relax and take it one day at a time. You will feel better after you raise your blood levels. Try to stay positive. What is in the mind will also have a great affect on you health. Take care and keep us posted. We are here for your support. FLFG ;)

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