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... I had all the blood testing, then had more testing... Iron binding - 18 Range 40-175 Iron Binding Capacity - 394 Range 250-450 Iron Binding % Saturation - 5% Range 15-50% Reticulocyte Absolute - 92,000 Range 20,000-80,000 (8 replies)
... or were these numbers for your ferritin levels, which indicates iron storage. It makes a difference. ... (2 replies)
... My hemoglobin was at 8.7 and now up to 9.5. My ferritin is less than 1, and iron saturation at 5. The hematologist said to take 325 mg of iron 3X per day. . I want to know when I will feel better. ... (6 replies)

Please help......
Oct 24, 2007
... Also, my ferritin is 7, but I am not anemic. I am taking an iron supplement and the doctor is doing further test to find out why my stores are so low. ... (7 replies)
... nfed. All in all not a bad experience, I'm just really tired right now. The hematologist says that I will be on this for 4 to 6 weeks with the goal of getting my ferritin up from a 3 to 100! Which sounds ludicrous to me, but we'll see. I asked him about a tranfusion and he wanted to give the Infed a chance to work first. ... (23 replies)
... I'm curious, have you had your Ferritin tested to know what your iron stores are? ... (6 replies)
... Do post your numbers, I'm curious about your ferritin after what the doctor said. Do you know what they were before? ... (65 replies)
... Hello Everyone, I'm writing to try and figure out what is wrong with my mom. She has been experiencing episodes of severe dizziness which started about 5-7 days ago. At first it was just when she stood up but now it is happening with any motion she makes and when she tries to talk. She has been feeling short of breath and weakness in her arms and legs. She has iron... (6 replies)
... When I take source naturals ferrochel I feel my energy level go up immediately. I am very skinny and respond to most things im depleted in very quickly. My ferritin is at a 1.7 and my blood count at an 8.0. ... (15 replies)
... allan, My question for you is are you SURE that you have iron deficiency anemia or do you have another type? Has your doctor identified exactly what is causing your anemia? This is very important to know before any of us can advise you on what you can do to make yourself feel better. It is very unusual for a young man to have iron deficiency anemia and, if so, you need... (10 replies)
... Thanks a million for your advie, what is that I can do to get my life back, I am just 26 and I feel as if Iam 62 :( Can you tell me there has to be a way out of this, I mean intake of some vegetables or some protien shakes, I don't know.. I am a Asst, Manager for one of the software develpoment agency and my job is moreof to meet people get bussiness for the company.. I am... (10 replies)
... Hello Allan123--Sorry that you are felling so bad. Anemia will cause you to feel as you do. You say that you are slightly anemic. You need to build your blood up and see if this goes away. When your anemia is resolved that is when the symptoms will go away if that is the problem. If it doesn't then you need to keep on searching. You have had testing done and didn't... (10 replies)
... Hi, I cant help yu , but migt need some help from yurside, I dont knw what I am suffeing with, I got all my test done the all are fine, Endoscopy,ECg what not... I fell dizzy all the time, I am slightly anemic, but the symtoms I have o yu fell the same, Dizziness, Yu knw I am better off standing if I sit I feel I will fall.. I dont knw its such a bd feeling... My stomach... (10 replies)
Iron injections
Sep 21, 2007
... Sorry to say, but there is no FAST way other then IV and it is not fast either. With that being said, what I did when I was having the "endometrial ablation" which I LOVE, the doc said that you have to replace the amount of iron that you use up with a period, to at least break even. I did this with heavy bleeding and my HGB actually went up one-tenth of a point. I know... (9 replies)
Iron injections
Sep 21, 2007
... Can you guys tell me what type of iron injections you are getting. My period is comming and it may be another flood. Im at an 8.00 with a ferritin of 1.7. I need a safe way to build up iron fast. I ve been at this for three years. ... (9 replies)
Iron injections
Sep 20, 2007
... I used to live in England, for many years. Loved it! Just had to say that. Now with the iron I have to take and eat right to build my Ferritin I can't have my TEA! At least not like I did. ... (9 replies)
... Hi Audrey, 1st of all I would like to thank you for the huge information that you provided me with, it was very helpful. Now, I can feel more relaxed that my hair will grow back and iron defficiency is most probably the reason behind hair falls. Anyway I have started using hair fortifying serum in addition to iron supplement. I hope that I will see soon some difference. (10 replies)
... Hi Jasmin - i can identify with the hair loss. I first began noticing the hair shedding back at the start of 2001, but as i was going through some stress and was on antidepressants i put it down to that. The problem never went away, even when i was feeling much better. As the years went on my hair shed more and more and my scalp looked fine, but you could tell in the length... (10 replies)
... thanx for your help (10 replies)
... periods this needs to be evaluated. I had 7 polyps that did not even show up on testing. I didn't know until I had an ablation procedure. They think this was the cause of my heavy periods. ... (32 replies)

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