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Iron Transfusion
Feb 21, 2007
... Last month my hgb: 8.2, iron: 1, and ferritin: 5. Gastro dr said is OK and live with that. This month my hgb: 7.8 g/dl (11.5-16.5) and the cardiologists said is looked "GOOD" live with it. I don't know the number here may be is different to yours country. Could you tell me your symptoms? I feel froggy, dizzy, SOB and lightheaded. It'll disappear while I lie down. (7 replies)
... r receiving IV iron. I have been getting it weekly since Sept. and just today my Hgb came back 12 for the first time. I do know that they consider anything under 7 serious and anything under 6 puts you at risk for heart problems. Also, a ferritin level of 2 is very very low. ... (3 replies)
... Iron is 15 Hemoglobin 9.4 and Ferritin 2. ... (25 replies)

... I've been looking and reading a lot of posts here. I compare my numbers with you all but I'm still haven't seen one like that as told is normal? :confused: The Gastro specialist said everything is fine. The hemotologist said looks OK. They all refer me back to GP but my numbers as below. Which I compare with you all here, mine one is still a bit low. But I was... (4 replies)
... I started feeling "off" about 7 years ago, about the same time that I was having terribly heavy periods. I don't tolerate iron, and my ferritin had gotten down to around 16. I had a uterine ablation, and I didn't have hardly any bleeding since. ... (10 replies)
... I think my blood count was 14.7 which I have been told is okay. I cannot seem to increase my Ferritin to easily. I've been taking tablets since June 06 for this. ... (5 replies)
... in 7 months! I'm wondering if I have a problem absorbing it. ... (10 replies)
... My ferritin is lower and gone down to 30 from 33 within a couple of weeks, not sure why.. ... (37 replies)
... point difference. It also depends on what type of iron count they were doing. If you do a ferritin count it can be exceptionally low but your hemaglobin can be at normal. Then there is the serum iron which is another form of testing on iron. ... (1 replies)
... Wow, I can so relate to what you are saying! My ferritin is 2..hemo is 9.2 it was 7.9.. ... (9 replies)
... was 7 at one time and I had a transfusion, I am trying to get the levels up so I won't have to do that again. ... (9 replies)
... Hello all! I am new here, but curious to those of you that have had IV Iron, at what point did you decide this was what needed to be done? why didnt supplements work for You? Also Is Iron and Hemoglobin the same? as mine was 7.9.. I have been on supplements only 3 weeks and feel much better.. waiting on my Ferritin test and B-12 today.. Thanks, Emmy (63 replies)
... y bad and very unusual experiences! I am a total anomaly and the doctors have still not figured out what is going on. I just came back from iv again i dropped my ferritin is only 11 my hmgb is 9.8 from 10.4 last week. ... (5 replies)
... I had a blood test done last week, and the results are a bit puzzling: Iron: 30 (28-170) TIBC: 513 (261-478) H % Sat: 6 (20-55) L Ferritin: 6 (10-300) L Hgb: 10.7 (12-16) L Hct: 32.8 (35-47) L Platelets: 182 (140-400) RBC: 3.8 (4.0-5.2) L (5 replies)
Iron deficiency
Apr 22, 2006
... CINDERELLA, I just got my result back today. SERUM IRON STUDIES Iron : 3 umol/L (7 - 27) Transferrin : 43 umol/L (20 - 34) Transferrin Saturation : 4% (13 - 47) Derived TIBC : 77 umol/L (44 - 74) Ferritin : 5 ug/L (15 - 165) The above results are consistent with iron deficient anaemia. (5 replies)
Iron deficiency
Apr 13, 2006
... s. I tested low for thyroid and have been trying to take the meds for the past 3 years but they always make my thyroid overfunction. Now I know it's really low ferritin causing my problems or most of them anyway. My hubby and daughter both have low thyroid as well so they are about to be tested. ... (5 replies)
... erely iron deficient BUT I am not always anemic. My ferrtin scores typically run from as low as 3 to as "high" as 7. You are considered iron deficient once your ferritin dips below 10. Anemia is determined by your Hgl acore and your Hct. ... (5 replies)
... I was recently tested for Celiac because my 7 year old daughter has it. As part of the testing, my gastro doctor had a CBC done. ... (8 replies)
... :confused: :confused: :confused: I had several labs done the ones that worried me are as follows Iron 36 (35-175) Iron binding capacity 406 H (250-400) % saturation 9 L (15050%) Ferritin 7 L (10-232) everything else was normal to low normal, my doctor said "keep doing what your doing" referring to taking vitamins, friends have said "you need iron injections or... (2 replies)
... ppy either which led to mouth sores. The doctors thought I had cancer and I got the complete once over for the colon cancer possibility. My hemoglobin dropped to 7 and my ferritin level disappeared. The other counts were very skewed as well. ... (7 replies)

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