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... ppy either which led to mouth sores. The doctors thought I had cancer and I got the complete once over for the colon cancer possibility. My hemoglobin dropped to 7 and my ferritin level disappeared. The other counts were very skewed as well. ... (7 replies)
... Sorry this is long but I hope someone can help me figure this out. I recently visited the Hematologist because I have had a high WBC for about 4 months. The results of my blood test there were as follows: WBC 7.9 Back to normal Lymphocytes 3.2 a little high Platelets 401 Ferritin 164 Folate 11.9 B12 313 % iron Saturation 13 Low (WHAT IS THIS?) (1 replies)
... Hi everyone, new to the board. Sorry for such a long post. I already know I should probably go to the doc, but would prefer not to :). I haven't gone through my doc for the last two blood tests (each done with sufficient time between), as I hate going to the doctor unless I absolutely have to. Not sure how "bad" these CBC's are, altho they have been getting slightly... (4 replies)

... :) Hello... Yep, I'm new here. I've learned sooo much from so many of you over the last couple of days. Thanks you! I'd appreciate any advise re:my recent bloodwork results. My GP recently sent me to do some bloodwork just to check my gen. health. The nurse called me last week to inform me that my results were fine except for my iron levels/CBC were low etc. and that the... (5 replies)
... :) Hello... Yep, I'm new here. I've learned sooo much from so many of you over the last couple of days. Thanks! I'd still would like some advice. My GP recently sent me to do some blood-work just to check my gen. health. The nurse called me last week to inform me that my results were fine except for my iron levels/CBC etc. and that the Dr. was concerned and wanted to... (0 replies)
... I had a long time problem with severe anemia. My ferritin count was also very low. I definitely had a great deal of palpitations with this. ... (16 replies)
... Is a ferritin of 7, and a sat. ... (3 replies)
... Maybe because I am from Canada our labs express it differently? I am including all of the ranges on the tests: HGB 102 range 105-140 MCHC 320 range 320-360 Ferritin 11 range 7-140 Iron 2 range 9-30 TIBC 81 range 45-77 saturation 0.02 range 0.20-0.50 (9 replies)
... It may be due to other tests that you are not thinking about. The blood tests do not seem too out of balance. But, if the doctor has other tests such as kidney or liver function tests as well, there may be a good reason. The reticulocyte count is not over 5 either so there must be other tests in combination with your CBC that he is considering. (1 replies)
... I was diagnosed with anemia in October following a case of shingles. After 4 months of iron (625 mg daily) I am still anemic. My doctor now wants a complete GI series as well as a bone marrow biopsy. This seems extreme to me for a case of anemia. Here are my labs. Any thoughts? WBC 7.0 RBC 4.44 HGB 9.3 HCT 29 MCHC 30 MCV 62.5 PLT 378 Ferritin <1 (1 replies)
... At first glance the test just indicates that the storage iron is low. That simply means that if you don't get enough daily iron in your diet, that you have little to draw from in reserve. It does not say whether or not your body is utilizing the iron it does get to its proper degree. There are many things that cause fatigue, from not resting well when asleep, to common... (1 replies)
... My blood tests show the following: TIBC 387 UIBC 355 Iron, Serum 32 Iron Saturation 8 Ferritin, Serum 7 Hemoglobin 12.4 Hematocrit 36.2 I'm experiencing extreme tiredness, muscle weakness, and low energy. Do these blood test results account for these symptoms or should I be looking for something else? My internist doesn't think I need to add an additional... (1 replies)
... Some people are allergic to iron supplements. Some times people are allergic to the filler ingredients that the manufacturer uses to make the supplements into oral medication. If you want to you could wait until your levels get critical and then get infusions. There would be a chance of an allergic reaction, or perhaps less of one. I do know that some people are not supposed... (3 replies)
... tablets, ferrous sulphate 27 mg., it all makes me tired and I feel beat up. My hemoglobin is down to 9.55, hematocrit is 33.2. Iron is 21, saturation is 5 and ferritin is 3. I don't know what this stuff means but if I feel fine I don't understand why I need to take iron. ... (3 replies)
... I just talked to the hematologist office. My hemaglobin is up to 10.6 (it was 10.0) and my ferritin is up to 7 (it was 3). Taking small steps but atleast they are steps!! I am hoping this will be enought so I won't have to have the iron infusions. (9 replies)
... ved whether it be after 10 minutes or 5 hours, the pain becomes even more unbearable than before. I never thought this could link into the fact that I have a low ferritin level and diagnosed with low iron deficiency. I am now presently on 900mg of ferrous iron daily, and have been for 2 months now. ... (10 replies)
... My most recent lab results (5-26-04) are as follows: Hemoglobin 10.6 (11.5-15) HCT 33.7 (34-44) Ferritin 4 (10-291) I was at an appointment with my ob-gyn doctor today and complained of feeling extremely weak, almost like I could easily pass out if I stand too long, very rapid heartbeat, incredible fatigue, and an inability to think clearly and/or concentrate. Also,... (3 replies)
... I'm a 30 YO male with some thyroid and testosterone issues here - i've been feeling like crap for a while now, but none of these genius doctors have ever thought to test my iron levels. My ferritin is at 33 - which is borderline low My MCV is at 78.6 - low my RBC is 6.02 - high (6.00 is the high limit of normal) my Hemoglobin is 16.9 - (17 is the upper limit of... (4 replies)
... icate that you have iron deficiency anemia. The doctor has ordered additional tests to confirm the degree. The test you probably do not remember the name of is a Ferritin test or a Total Iron Binding Capacity Test. ... (2 replies)
How's Amwood???
Jan 16, 2004
... issue. HOWEVER, my iron never did recover. I still don't absorb much so the ferritin scores continue to be around 3 or 4. ... (31 replies)

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