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Possible Anaemia?
Jun 24, 2009
Please help, I have been suffering with tiredness, digestion problems and many other symptoms including aching, dizziness, fast heart rate, slurred speech (when tired), confusion, vision problems, headache and poor memory amongst other things.

I went to the GP initially with the digestion problems as I thought this was effecting my energy levels, I was told a food sensitivity was unlikely, and that they would do tests and if I had some kind of sensitivity/intolerance I would probably be anaemic. The food sensitivity test came back normal, but my Anaemia tests came back with Ferritin 7 (normal 15-200), Vit B12 163 (170-900), Folate 4.4 (2.5-20) The surgery rang and said I had to start taking iron Pregaday was prescribed. No further investigation was done regarding my digestion problems, the GP concluded it was IBS even though the IBS medication did not help.

After taking Pregaday for one year my levels have come back as normal Ferritin 20, folate 7.2 and B12 174 I feel that these are still low, maybe not clinically low, but low within normal ranges. For example if my B12 was 4ng/L lower it would be classed as low and treatment commenced, however now they say I am fine! I do not feel the Pregaday helps but all the GP does is take another blood test and tells me to continue with the tablets as my levels are fine, and suggests I could be depressed! I am not depressed, however after over 12 months of this tiredness which bar the odd couple of days here and there is constant! Life at the moment is hard work as I don't have the energy to do all the things I used to do, I have taken a lot of time out for uni due to not being able to concentrate in lectures. If it wasn't for the fact I have children I would probably just sleep all day. Every morning I wake up feeling tired. And a couple of times I have felt that tired that if not carrying on was an option I would have taken it which deeply saddens me. I don't have the energy to do things like go out, I feel I am not capable of doing a quarter of what I used to achieve in my life. I am very frustrated with my GP but don't know where to turn.

Sorry for such a long post. Any advice would be much appreciated x

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