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Re: Ferritin of 8?
Jun 29, 2009
Optimum ferritin levels would be 70 - 90 according to what i have learnt. So yes 8 is low and that is what mine was. I am 5 months into taking iron tablets three times a day (if i remember to take them!!) prescribed by my doctor. I have been anaemic before so i do not want to have low iron levels again because i know how bad i will feel if i let it drop.
my first test in Jan was 8.8 and in april had gone up to 18.6 through religiously taking the iron because i had felt so bad. Since i have been feeling better i havent been taking the tablets as often as i should.
I have read that mild iron deficiency leads to a low ferritin which may eventully result in anaemia and that people with ferritin of less than 30 should be on iron tablets 3x daily.

Iron is important for many important functions and is needed to make chemicals such as dopamine, DNA and white blood cells. My white blood cells (WBC)were low at 3.2 with my low ferritin levels but as the ferritin increses so does my WBC (4.1).
I felt grim with a low ferritin level but am feeling much stronger in many ways physicaly and mentaly. Having low iron levels can affect brain function causing brain fog. I also felt very down and fed up but i am coping much better now even being under increased pressure.
Other improved symptoms are that my nails are stronger and longer!! than they were, i dont have chest aches, and i have more energy.
My iron deficiency is down to heavy periods and i have no other known complications.

Hope that helps
Re: Ferritin of 8?
Jul 1, 2009
pinkpixies--Welcome! :wave:

An 8 ferritin is definitely low, as others have said (under normal range) and this relates to iron depleted stores following iron deficiency, not enough iron remaining to be at normal levels and to maintain the Hgb. My Hematologist says that anything under ten means no iron stores. Depleted iron stores end stage will result in iron deficiency anemia. A GI doc is a good place to start as you have already done. Wait and see what s/he says about your labs and go from there. Maybe you are looking at malabsorpiton. Take care. FLFG;)

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