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I was diagnosed with anemia in March 09 with a hgb of 7.7 and a ferritin of 3. b12 was on the low normal end and negative fecal occult for blood.

Given 2 units of blood.

OB/Gyn says that my cycles don't sound heavy enough to be considered "excessive bleeding".

A month after taking 1/3 of a dosage of ferrous sulfate (1 tablet) my ferritin jumped up to 17 but I was having bad side effects even on that dose so I stopped and was going to try something else.

That ended up being a month or so and I took a combo pill that had a combination of iron but no sulfate. Took that a few weeks and was having side effects so I stopped.

Two months after blood test ferritin of 17, I tested again...back down to 3 already.

So not only was I unable to maintain my level but I had dropped down again to where I began. Someone suggested that I still be malabsorbing even though I had that intial rise because I was unable to maintain it.

Anyway, I have an option to do infusions once a week for 4-6 weeks. But I also found a new supplement that is only ferrous fumurate so I might try that first. The second supplement only had 156% daily value. Sulfate has 361% and this fumurate has 275%.

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