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Hi bilybowl and welcome to the boards :) Yes it's quite safe to start an iron supplement. There are many varieties out there and it's a bit trial and error at first as one iron supplement might work great for one person but might give another irritable bowel or constipation.

When you ferritin is so low you need to take an iron supplement with a decent dosage and it should contain vitamin C too to help absorb the iron. Simply taking a multivitamin wont work that fast as the iron content would be too low.

Once you have been on an iron supplement for 1 - 3 months it's an idea to get retested to see how well you are absorbing.

It's also an idea to find out why you are losing your iron stores to prevent this from occuring again or to help stop whatever is going on so your iron stores can rise up much faster.

Hope all goes well :)

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