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Hi There!

I'm new here, and very frustrated! I STILL have low ferritin. Just found out it was 29 (did increase from 15 over the past 2yrs). Iron level is, and always has been, within normal ranges. Binding capacity/percentage?? was normal too.

I've been taking one Poly-Iron 150mg (elemental) daily. He told me to take more, but really didn't specify how much...not really liking this new dr since we moved!

Does anyone take more than this - like double this amount? Since I have relatively heavy periods I'm not that concerned about having too much iron, but 300mg a day seems like an awful lot.

Thanks for any input!!


p.s. My B12 and folic acid were above normal so he said to stop taking my Biotin Forte 5mg supplement that contained these two things.
Hi Sally!
and Welcome to the anemia board!

I was diagnosed with IDA with a Ferritin level of 5 last summer. After lots of testing to rule out any internal bleeding I was sent to a hematologist who put me on Poly Iron 150 mg tabs two times a day for a total of 300 mg a day. I took them for 5 months because in April my Ferritin rose to 40 and the Doc said stop the supplements and come back to see me in 6 months. My Iron improved from 25 to 55 (normal range is 35- 170) and my %Saturation (20 - 55) went from 5 to 16 (this is up but still not normal).

Anyway to answer your question I am post menopausal so I don't have periods anymore and I was on 300 mg of iron. I have read of other gals here who also took 300 mg so I don't think it is unreasonable for you to double the dose and take 2 per day - but not at the same time.

all the best!
Sally--Welcome to the boards! :wave:

I too took 300mgs of Poly Iron for 1 year and then went down to 1 daily for the rest of my life as long as I am on PPI's that are inhibiting iron intake. The reason I had to take it double the first year was due to my menstrual cycle being heavy. My numbers didn't come up until I had an ablation. This is when I was able to cut down to 1 daily. I have also read here that someone else was taking Poly iron 150 3x daily. I think I also needed that amount in the first yr. You don't have to worry so much about too much iron as long as you are having your blood checked about every 3 months is fine. It takes a while to build up and if you are low in iron as most of us are, then it is almost impossible for people like us to get too much iron because we have a problem in the first place. Take care. FLFG :)

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