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Re: Anemia
Jul 6, 2009
Hi. Thanks so much for responding. I did call the Doctor and got my lab results. Still not sure how to read it or what it means exactly.
Back in September of 08 my results were:
HgB 9.3
HCT 30.9
MCV 69.4
MCH 20.9
RDW 17.8 High
MCHC 30.1

GR% 48.2
BASO% 2.0 High
FE 14
TIBC 559
TIBC Saturation 3
Ferritin 4

In January (when I was taken off the iron pills) my results were:
Fe 58
TIBC 328
TIBC Sat 18
HgB 13.6
Ly% 42.4 High
GR% 48.8 Low
Could not find the Ferritin on this report they sent

When I went back in March 09 (and they put me back on iron pills) these were my results;
FE 25
TIBC 448

RBC Low 4.07

If you can decipher any of this for me, I would be so greatful! I have got to do something. This weekend was my period--and i do have heavy ones--but my gyno did not think I lost enough when she questioned me about them and thought it might be compounding the anemia, but not totally responsible for it. She said she could do the endometrial abl. to give some relief. I was so weak yesterday and so tired, one of my kids kept asking me if I was ok.
Thanks for the help and have a wonderful day!
joy1966 :)

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