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Hi stressedgirl and welcome to the Anemia board :) - My ferritin got as low as 8 as far as i know, but my periods didn't stop, but i have read about people who felt their periods did stop due to low iron and when their ferritin rose there periods became normal. I"ve also read the opposite where people's periods became much heavier and then went normal once ferritin was upped.

Maybe the periods don't stop simply due to the lower ferritin, possibly the low ferretin, especially if it's low over a long period of time, ends up being a symptom of something else which is going on in the body and the period stops as a result of that and not simply due to the low ferritin (if that makes sense).

I do know that long term low iron stores can cause issues for the thyroid. If the thyroid issues are simply related to the low ferritin then the thyroid will self correct once the ferritin rises.

Most of the time the low iron stores in thyroid patients are related to malabsorption of nutrients due to digestive disorders. It's a very common thing and one of the first things my thyroid doctor looked at, along with adrenal function, testing of all my hormones due to my monthly cycles being all over the place and also liver function due to my high levels of estrogen. The phase 2 liver detox is responsible for getting rid of excess estrogen so it doesnt stay in your system.

So long term low iron stores can contribute to thyroid issues, but majority of the time low iron is simply a symptom of thyroid disease itself.

Have you had a gluten test to see whether you are gluten intolerant as that is another thing a number of thyroid sufferers have had. Alos people who can't get their iron stores up have sometimes found it's related to gluten intolerance.

Were you diagnosed with a thyroid problem? If so you will likely learn that a lot comes in to play and it's not just a matter of looking at your thyroid, but a lot of other areas. Make sure you also get your Vitamin D and B12 tested and they should both be up at the higher end of the scale.

Anything to do with menstrual cycle issues make sure you also get an external and internal pelvic ultrasound to see if everything is ok. Fibroids can also grow in the uterus and cause period problems as can cysts. Fibroids are linked to a high estrogen environment, while higher levels of testosterone are linked to PCOS and thyroid issues.

Hoping some of this information helps you :)

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