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Hi annierules - It's a shame your doctor told you to stop the iron supplements once your ferritin got to 40. I wouldn't think that high enough. You mightn't be anemic, but it's healthy for a number of reasons to have a higher ferritin.

Can i ask, have you had a full thyroid check up? this should include TSH, FT4, FT3 and thyroid antibodies to rule out an auto immune thyroid condition. The most common times for the thyroid hormones to start playing up are at puberty, pregnancy and menopause. A lot of menopausal women have actual thyroid symptoms yet their doctor simply blames it on "menopause". With thyroid testing, a lot of doctors only look at TSH and that alone doesn't say much, unless your TSH is far too low or way too high. My TSH was considered "normal" and i went without medication for 9 years, when all along i did have issues but the silly doctor didn't look at the rest of the thyroid panel.

Thyroid issues can make you feel tired, but so can adrenal issues. it would be good to have your adrenals checked to see how much of the hormone cortisol they are making.

Having low ferritin can make you tired and by doing a lot of exercise or physical work you can drain the small amount of remaining energy your body has. With low iron you need to take it easy and not over exercise.

Low iron is normally a symptom of something else which is going on. If it's not due to any internal bleeding or gluten intolerance or a meat free diet, then it has to be due to something else. Thyroid issues often are accompanied by digestive issues which lead to malabsorption of nutrients. This is quite common as is low Vitamin D and in some cases low B12 in addition to the low ferritin, so you should get everything checked just to be sure.

As you see the endo for your diabetes i'm sure he/she would be ok with doing the FULL thyroid checkup.

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