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Lots of good info. Thanks. I think I will email my kidney doctor and see if he is knowledgeable about finding why I'm deficient before going to the hematologist. If I can get a free visit and info with an email to save money I think I'll start there. I have been taking the two 29mg pills for about three months now because my ferritin was 16. Got labs back yesterday and it's only gone up to 19 so this tells me either I'm not taking enough or I'm having an absorption problem. I might look into going a GI doctor to see if this is the case. I'm 42 and my cycles seem normal. I eat really good. No processed anything. I eat fruit and veggies with all meals and eat a lot of wild Alaskan salmon and berries. I don't drink coffee or alcohol so I know thats not interfereing with my absorption. I am very suspicious that I may have celiac disease. I feel terrible when I eat wheat. When you have celiac you can't absorb vitamins as well. Also I read that an autoimmune disease can affect ferritin levels. I have asthma and used to have hashimotos but I had my thyroid removed because it was cancerous so supposedly I don't have that anymore but it seems my body is suseptible to immune diseases. Thanks for all the advice. It really has helped me to realize there are other things I need to look into.


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