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Hi all! I was just wondering how you all got your levels up. I have a good doctor who is addressing my anemia, but still can't get it up. I have been anemic since college that I know of..when I tried to give blood. I gave blood in high school, but haven't been able to since because I'm always anemic. I've gone to the doctor all along, but never "bad" enough to do anything major. Well, I finally found a good doctor and she has been doing her best to find a reason.

My Fe is low, low hemoglobin and used to have low B12. I now give myself B12 injections and that has helped the B12 part of it. I also take SlowFe (Ferrous Sulfate) twice daily though the bottle calls for once, a multi-vitamin with Fe (18mg) and then was told to add a Flintstones with Iron to it on last visit for another 18mg. It just won't come up. I only have 3 periods or so a year and they do not seem to be extremely heavy. I have had 2 fecal occults, both negative, upper GI, neg., and colonoscopy, neg. Why can't we get them up? Anyone have some suggestions?

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