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[QUOTE=japlopper;4052558]I have a high retic count because I have hemolytic anemia and my bone marrow is on high trying to replace what my immune system is destroying.

But yours is really high. Are you tired? Are your other results ok? I think the retic count is just one part of the big picture - is it trending up or staying the same?[/QUOTE]

im not really tired i just have no energy , i have to force myself to get up and do things it sucks , i actually had had a really bad heache to were i was blacking out at work and was sent home to find blood vessels in my eyes breaking , so i went to the eye dr and he said something is wrong blood wise go see your hematologist and i did and he said its just stress your perfectly fine but im going to run this one test called your reticulocyte count and im 100% positive it is going to be normal , and sure enough he called a few days later and said it was at 21.7 and called me in and i met up with a dif. dr and med students and they ran a ton of tests , but i havent got back with them , i feel okay , the only thing is now when i blow my nose nothing but blood has been coming out , its really odd , for like 2 weeks now . i dunno if that has anything to do with the number being that high , but i have a new dr apt in a few weeks , hopefully i will find out . so far no dr has been able to put everything together . my hemaglobin and has been a lil high . all my numbers have been fliping and floping the last couple years. in 2004 i had a b12 of 208 ( normal then was 220-960) and leukocyte akaline phosphate was 134 ( normal 11-95) but honestly i have given up ... going back and fourth to many dr's and not one can explain why everything is the way it is , it gets frustrating , so i stoped going in , hopefully everything will really be okay . im just lost as to what to do or who to see ,

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