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could be a few problems but if you dont raise your ferritin(stored iron) it will keep dropping
Hi and welcome to the boards :) There can be a number of issues for your situation. You have already mentioned eating meat so it's not due to lack of meat in your diet.

You could have internal bleeding of some sort, but i'm not familiar with these types of conditions, but i know some other posters would be so they can perhaps help you more in that area.

Low ferritin can also be due to a gluten intolerance so you ought to have a blood test to check that out, but having a biopsy of the small intestine is even more accurate than a blood test. On the other hand, you could give up eating all forms of gluten containing foods for 6 months and then re-evaluate. Often people with a gluten intolerance will find that their iron will rise nicely without gluten in the diet.

In my case, my ferritin issues are most definitely linked to malabsorption of nutrients due to digestive issues. My pancrease doesn't produce sufficient enzymes to digest protein foods. I've been on prescription digestive enzymes. I'm also taking betain hydrochloride which also aids digestion by creating a more acidic environment in my stomach.

I'm also blood type A+. I've read and been told that blood type A's don't have sufficient acid in the gut to aid digestion and absorption of nutrients. I used to think those "eating for your blood type" articles were nonsense, but now i'm wondering if they are!!

Lastly, i am hypothyroid and have the auto immune thyroid disease called Hashimoto's. I have come across so many thyroid sufferers who all have digestive issues leading to malabsorption of nutrients. This could also be due to the pancrease being part of the endocrine system.

As you are already low in iron, have you had your Vitamin B and your B12 levels also checked. Be sure to do those if you haven't and they also need to be at the high end of the lab range for optimum health, just like your ferritin should be too.

My doctor got me to do a test to see whether i had H-pylori as this type of bacteria can cause malabsorption of nutrients too. It was just a type of breath test done at my local pathology and only took 10 minutes, but takes about a week to get results. H-pylori is quite common and easily treated.

This should give you enough information of things to look at. I'm sure you will be very busy.... ;)
gwlovesmj--Welcome to the boards! :wave:

A couple of things stand out to me when I read your post. First, know that slow fe is one of the lowest forms of iron that you can take. Delayed action, equals lower amount of absorption as well.

Next thing, it sounds like your Hgb reading that is at an 8.0 and increased to 12.0 which is the lower end/borderline anemic range for Hgb. This also places you ~at risk~ for iron deficiency setting in again. So, this tells us that your Ferritin is also low at this time since the ferritin's end stage of stored iron is indeed (IDA) iron deficiency anemia.

Sounds to me like a possibility is that you discontinued your iron therapy way too soon. Iron should be continued for a period of time UP to 6 months after the anemia is resolved. You also may need a (higher dose) less frequency iron.

Finally, you need to address the cause of this problem. It is confusing, I'm sorry that you are dealing with this. Keep us posted. FLFG:)

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