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Hi all,

this is my first time posting here. I had a demylination of my spinal cord last August, and that left me diagnosed with transverse myelitis. This prompted a check of my B12 since that is needed in nerve health. I was low, 201, and started right in on the injections. I don't have pernicious anemia, and am not veggie or vegan, so I have no idea why I don't absorb B12.

While my demylination in my spinal cord leaves me with decreased sensation in my shoulder I was also attributing all my other symptoms: dizziness, foggy brain, eye twitch, facial nerve pain, headaches in the back of my head, extreme fatigue, low energy, etc. to the spinal cord issue, not my low B12. 2 of my doctors said if I was getting the shots my levels would be normal. Finally another doctor tested me in April and I'm only at 329. Surely not high enough to repair the damage in my neck.

So now I'm assuming my symptoms are related to B12, which are drastically effecting my life. I've upped my shots to 2x/month and hoping that will help.

Anyone else had trouble increasing their B12 levels?

If we don't absorb B12 and don't have pernicious anemia, vegan, etc. do we stop trying to figure out why we don't absorb it? I'm only 26, and hate to think I'm going to be so out of whack with my body like this forever.

Any insights would be hugely helpful, I've seen an infection disease person, neurologist, and rheumatologist. Any other doctor's I should see?

thanks! :)

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